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Thursday, 6 January 2011

brisk walk

Taken from Dma1l  with thanks.
:Walk briskly, live longer: How pacing more than 3ft per second could add years to your life;

:Pensioners who walk quickly are more likely to live longer than their slower peers, research has found.

A faster walking pace was linked to an increased life expectancy for both sexes at all ages over 65, according to an analysis of data from nine studies.

The researchers looked at how the walking pace of 34,485 adults aged 65 or older varied over several years and how this related to survival rates, after accounting for age and sex.

The average gait speed of the participants was 0.92metres [3ft]/second, with those who walked faster than this tending to live longer than the average.

Walking pace after age 75 was found to be a particularly good indicator of how long someone would live.

Dr Stephanie Studenski of the University of Pittsburgh led the study, which was published in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

She said: ‘Predicted years of remaining life for each sex and age increased as gait speed increased, with a gait speed of about 0.8metres [2.6ft]/second at the median life expectancy at most ages for both sexes.

‘Gait speeds of one metre [3.3ft]/second or higher consistently demonstrated survival that was longer than expected by age and sex alone.’

Dr Studenski said that because walking requires the use of the breathing, muscular and skeletal systems, a slower gait may reflect damage to vital organs that indicates a reduced life expectancy. She suggested that doctors could use gait speeds slower than 0.6metres [2ft]/second as to identify elderly patients at risk of early death who need medical intervention.:

Gambar kartun ini ditujukan pada pakcik dan abang abang yang berat tulang..err sapa makan cili dia rasa pedas ya...