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Sunday, 14 November 2010

see video of cat..kucing pun pandai naik bas dan beratur..

Article taken from dma1l with thanks:

A cat which was run over and killed after famously catching the same bus every day for four years is set to be immortalised - in a children's book.

Casper died in a hit and run accident as he tried to cross the road to board the No3 service - which he caught each morning.

He hopped on the bus around 10am every day and sat on the back seat throughout its entire eleven mile route around Plymouth, Devon.

International celebrity: Susan Finden with Casper and bus driver Rob Stonehouse. The famous cat will now live on in a new children's book

But after an estimated 20,000 miles on the bus Casper was killed crossing the road to catch his daily ride.

Tributes flooded in from all corners of the globe, including Argentina, Australia and Indonesia.

He is now set to be the star of a new book after bosses from New York-based publishing giant Simon & Schuster snapped up the rights.

Daily ride: Casper waits patiently to hop off the No3 bus

Owner Susan Finden, 65, said she would be donating any money she makes from the book to animal charities.

She said: 'It's lovely to think he will go on in memories - and with this book his story will live on forever.

'I can't wait to see it and, at the end of it all, the money will help other unfortunate creatures like Cassie.'

Nigel Stoneman, of Simon & Schuster, said: 'It's such a nice story in this day and age. It's amazing how a story can strike a chord with people all over the world.'

He said the book would be aimed at adults and children and would feature photographs of Casper.

A Scottish author is lined up to write the story, which is set for release in autumn.

Care worker Mrs Finden adopted Casper from a rescue centre in 2002 and drivers say he started riding the bus in 2005.

She said that despite his regular bus rides Casper had 'no road sense whatsoever'.

Mrs Finden said: 'Casper was quite quick for his age but I was trying to stop him from riding the bus so much.

'He had no road sense whatsoever but he loved people.

'He'd queue up in line good as gold - it'd be 'person, person, person, cat, person, person'.'

A spokesman for First Bus added: 'He'd just curl up at the back of the bus. He never caused any trouble.'

Susan believes Casper may have begun life at a haulage yard as he was so fond of large vehicles.